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I’m a writer, life coach, divorcee and mother of three school-aged children. Obsessed with examining life, and writing about it—whether that’s in a journal or something for others to read—I am here to share my story. Through my words, I hope you find a comrade in your struggles and maybe inspiration too. I write about women discovering themselves and fulfilling their potential—however they define it. When we think about our futures, we can get stuck in “shoulds” and guilt about moving forward. But I believe that adventure, dreaming, desire, and defining our own success is our path to freedom.

Oaxaca Anthology

an anthology of short stories by writers who Have traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico

“Tonight, I leave on a red eye. I sit in the faded ugly turquoise seats at the airport, rain drums the windows revealing a white plane framed by a grey sky. I board the plane with my usual baggage, "what is my purpose?" banging in my chest like a heartbeat. Find it. Find it. Find it. Eleven hours later I emerge from the Oaxaca airport blinking bleary eyed in the dazzling sun to find a red and white taxi… All I can see is brilliant doorways whizzing by, hot pink, turquoise, yellow, lime green, orange and red…I’m in that tenuous place where I’ve broken what I have, I long for something more, but haven’t yet found it.”

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True Stories Anthology

Dance of Disruption, from True Stories Anthology, a collection of short stories by writers in the narrative project.

“Months ago from my side of the bed, I’d said to Scott, “I don’t feel like you can see me, and if you can’t see me, how can you really love me?” Both of us staring up at the ceiling, not touching, a current of blame and guilt passing through our shared covers.

He sighed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course I love you.”

Today, in the wake of the dark, early morning conversation in bed with my husband about the state of our marriage, I’m boarding a plane. I’m eager to swap my cold, damp residence in North Vancouver for a solo trip to Hawaii…”

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Wobbly Legs


"I was raised in a conservative, Christian home. As a young child, I heard my father tell stories about his single mother, who had ruined his life by choosing her career over him. I absorbed the message behind these stories and vowed that later, as a wife and mother, I would never make the same mistake. Through the years—while stuck in an unhappy marriage—I had to shed layers of guilt, blame, and shame. It wasn’t until I learned to reconcile my father’s version of childhood with my own truth that I found a way to choose myself over all else. Wobbly Legs chronicles that joyous, midlife awakening. It is the story of a woman who felt like a side character in her own life, until she finally gained the courage to step up and take center stage."

Coming Soon

Kind Words

This is so beautiful.

The descriptions are vivid, the disclosure poignant, and the flow of the story is so wonderful
– Liz

Wowzer, I was totally captivated!

My favourite kind of witting is where the prose is so comfortable that you forget that you’re reading and just get wrapped up in the words. And you’ve got it in spades.
- Jess

I am in complete awe.

The beauty you have crafted is compelling and captivating and filled to the brim with gorgeous and wise insights. And all with a cadence that you can recognize and fall into sync with and journey along with.
- Erica

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