Creating a Beautiful Life After Divorce

supporting women in their transformation from uncertainty and fear about the future to a state of freedom And power. embodying the authority to choose and follow Their heart.

I am a life coach for women who are rebuilding their lives after divorce and facing issues such as challenging co-parenting, financial uncertainty, loss of confidence, indecision and navigating the multiplying responsibilities that come with major life transitions. I support women to reconnect to themselves, their intuition and desires, in order to build a life that truly serves them.

If this is you, I want you to know that you will be ok. More than ok. It's my mission to support you to embody true freedom and gain the confidence and autonomy to design your own life.

About me

As a mom of three who has lived through divorce, I know first-hand what it's like to be in the thick of grief, change and uncertainty. I've experienced the fears around parenting, finances, future relationships and the burden of multiplying responsibilities. But I also know what it feels like to come out the other side and to have re-built a life that now truly serves me.

I feel a deep sense of connection to women who are navigtaing this challenging path, and it's become my life's passion to guide my clients as they transform themselves from a place of fear and uncertainty to a feeling of freedom, choice and self-love.

If you're in the muddy middle of divorce, I want you to know you're not alone. I am committed to supporting you to reconnect with yourself, your intuition and desires, and build a life that you love.

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My Services

Reimagined Life 1:1 Coaching Package

It's time to connect with yourself and your desires for your future. This series of sessions will get you to the core of who you are and together we will create a tangible roadmap to achieve your desires. Throughout this series, we will create two to three goals and complete them in six sessions over the course of 12 weeks.

Goals can be centered around co-parenting, finances, confidence, decision making, self-care, career change or anything related to your journey at present.

Includes: 1 goal setting session, 5 action sessions and a celebratory review of your progress.

Introductory rate: $975

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Complimentary Discovery Call

Are you wondering if life coaching is right for you? I'd love to connect for a free 30-minute zoom call to explore if we would be a good fit. This call includes a pre-coaching questionnaire to jumpstart your reflection. There is no obligation to work with me if you decide this isn't for you. I'd love to chat!

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Kind Words

When I first connected with Vanessa, I was feeling frazzled, panicked, overwhelmed, blurry and not very confident in myself based on where my life was at.

One of the biggest changes I've noticed in myself since coaching is my newfound peace in my parenting journey. I've even had people tell me how they admire my parenting! Coaching has helped me balance my energy throughout the day, manage my time, and it is affirming that I am on the right path. I always felt a sense of excitement at the end of all of our sessions.
- Rebekah K

Finding Vanessa was like a big neon blinking sign from the universe, a gift to start the journey of healing and building the second part of my life.

I was grieving the loss of my marriage and the dream of the life we would build together. With Vanessa I felt supported during a time of crisis.The biggest change I’ve noticed is my ability to trust my intuition, be patient with my healing journey, and be realistic about limitations and putting boundaries in place all while moving forward with grace. Vanessa held and guided me so gently through this empowering experience.
- Bryony H

Thanks to Vanessa I learned that separation doesn't have to be so scary and overwhelming, both for me and my kids.

With her kind, caring guidance I was able to move out of freeze and into action. Slowly through clarity of intentions and small measurable steps I started to feel a building of momentum, strength, clarity and empowerment....even excitement about the future. It was so meaningful to get clarity on what matters most and be accountable through actionablesteps and regular check ins.
- Rachel Atkinson MacDonald

Vanessa is incredible!

I highly recommend her. Her guidance was a huge driving force in my personal development in this new chapter of my life. I was confused and scattered, but now I’m confident and solid. Go see Vanessa if you’re in this phase of life…the investment in yourself is so worth it.
- Krysta Shore